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It is no secret that much of a golfer’s performance is dependent on the quality of his golf equipment. And the stuff does not come cheap – a complete golf set, one with 14 clubs and a golf bag, can run into the thousands of dollars. Even second-hand sets available at Craigslist are at least USD 150. The serious cash involved, and the serious effect clubs can have on a game, should propel each player to ensure that all their golf gear is in tip-top shape.

This will ultimately result in your pricey investment serving you well for many years to come.

The meat of maintaining golf equipment comes down to taking care of the golf clubs. Teeing off in various course conditions will wear the golf club down. The clubs need care during, and after each game. Every once in a while, the temptation to throw the club into the green after a particularly bad stroke may come up. Even the Pros do this. Not only is this bad etiquette, it can also damage and deform the grip or the head, and should thus be avoided.

golfWiping the club head with a golf towel after a few rounds is recommended, since a club head caked with dirt can have a detrimental effect on the shot. Make sure that the clubs are well organized in the golf bags after every round. This helps in retrieving the clubs efficiently and storing them properly. After the game, golf clubs should be inspected and both the club head and grip should be cleaned. The club head can be cleaned with soapy water and a soft-bristled brush to remove all traces of dirt from the face.

After cleaning, the clubs must be stored in a dry area with ambient temperatures, and not left out in the golf cart or in the trunk of a car. Humidity and hot weather can damage the resin in the club head and grips, and may encourage rusting. The grips may be occasionally washed with soapy water and even re-gripped as needed. The different types of clubs may mean specialized care for each. Forged iron clubs require particular attention as they can be prone to rusting. They must be kept away from moisture during storage and, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, be periodically applied with oil. Worn-out woods can translate to a poor game and thus need care. Woods may be refurbished through refinishing the club head and will they will swing like new again once restored. Most pro shops offer refinishing kits for this purpose. With care, most clubs will give a healthy return on one’s investment and will last several years. For new golf equipment you may also visit www.rockbottomgolf.com

It goes without saying that other golf equipment must be taken care off as well. Golf bags must be wiped down to remove any dirt stains on the surface, and turned over after each game to dislodge debris inside. Golf shoes can last a long time if given the proper TLC. Just like the clubs, shoes must be given a wipe down after every game. Leaving mud and dirt on the shoe will most likely stain the shoe permanently, and can break down the material as well. While in storage, your shoes will benefit from using a shoe tree, which are shoe inserts, usually made of cedar, to wick away moisture from the inside, while maintaining the shape. Golf shoes can benefit from professional cleaning as well, as the cleaners apply special leather preservatives to prolong the shoe’s life. It is recommended to do this every 10 rounds or so. Lastly, ensure that the spikes or cleats are replaced regularly.

A player who keeps their golf equipment at their best shape will ensure the same with their game.

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