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chatLive chats agents are one of the excellent people behind great customer service. Live chat is especially helpful to small and medium enterprises. Without these agents, the customer service of small and medium business would be limited to social media, email correspondence or an expensive hotline.

Live chat services are availed through plans. Companies can pay each operator per month based on three common editions. These plans are called Basic, Professional and Enterprise. The Basic Plan charges as little as US$20 per operator per month. The Professional and Enterprise Plan cost US$29 and US$49 per operator per month respectively. The size of the business and the number of customer communication established daily will determine which type of plan is best suited for the company.


The company would be responsible for training the live chat agents. Although these agents have a working knowledge of proper customer service and experience in live chat, the company will still have to train them so they can be familiar with the types of service or products available. When customers engage in a live chat, it will be helpful for a company to set a canned introduction message to save typing time.

Sure Way to Get Fired

As a field dealing with confused and possibly irate customers, live chat agents must have a great deal of patience, self-control and understanding. It is expected of them; they are only in the position to provide answers to queries, satisfy concerns, build rapport and if possible, upsell a product or service to a customer. Live chat for business keeps transcripts of conversations between the agents and the customers. This transcript s crucial so that the business can see trends in the market, assess customer mood and satisfaction and narrow down the most common questions and concerns mentioned. With a transcript, the agents cannot get away with their manners and attitude. A deviation from the etiquette for chat agents is one of the sure ways to get fired.

Agents should sound polite, friendly and helpful. This includes bearing with different kinds of customer attitudes and problems. Because chatting is free, some people would even pull pranks. Many companies today now require customers to log in to be able to engage in live chat for support. Jokes, sarcasms, slangs and shorthand spellings must be avoided all the time. No voice is involved in live chat therefore jokes and sarcasms will get lost in translation and will be taken literally or as in insult by the customers. Also agents must avoid capitalizing all letters unless the word is an abbreviation. Shorthand spelling or “text speak” such as “u” for “you”,”gr8” for “great”, “ion kno” or “dunno” for “I don’t know” are unforgiveable live chat mistakes. Some customers may be inclined to using this but as agents, this is must be always avoided. Slangs, especially racial slangs must be avoided at all costs. There are three things that a live chat agent must be careful of, these are religion, race and gender. An agent should always be neutral with these three matters.

Two Tips for Live Chat

Answering customer queries is the bottom line of live chats but going the extra mile to improve customer service is always appreciated. Here are some helpful tips for live chat:

  1. Initiate Chat
    Usually customers would not know that there is a live chat functionality unless the window can be seen. Companies often employ a floating chat widget or a sliding sidebar widget on their website to make the live chat window visible. Remember, however, that customers will take some time browsing the website before they will actually use it.
  2. Cross-Department Connection
    The sales and customer service department of a company should be connected in order to communicate product needs more effectively. This also makes it easier to upsell a customer.

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