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A convention was held recently where a great number of businesses attended for a chance to introduce and promote their products. Hundreds of invited guests flocked to the event where they were treated to a whole day of fun activities and then sent home with freebies and loot bags as souvenirs.

Silicon WristbandsSome items given away were pens, foldable fans and even small samples of actual products, but the most popular freebie of the event was none other than the rubber bracelets (also known as silicon wristbands).

Although pens and fans are great as giveaways (because they are inexpensive and most people use them in everyday life) they are not very effective promotion materials in terms of visibility. Pens are often used indoors and are used only when there are things to jot down, therefore the ad won’t be immediately noticed, if noticed at all. As for the fans, men don’t use fans so the audience will be limited.

Same goes with product samples. Even though these are much more appreciated than pens, people are not always ready to try them out especially if they’re cosmetics or things that come in contact with the body. And sometimes, these are just left at home or stored inside bags where few or no one else could see. In short, they are not as visible as one would wish them to be, therefore not much good for advertising.

But with silicon wristbands, it’s the best bet for advertisement. They can be worn every day, anytime of the day. Wherever the wearer goes, the ad goes too. Whether he’s out on a run, taking a stroll at the mall or even when he’s just lounging by the pool. No worries of getting these bracelets wet too because they’re waterproof so the ad won’t be washed away.

Silicon wristbands are also unisex. Guys and girls of all ages, from toddlers to adults, can wear them. They are available in different thickness, in various sizes and come in so many colors.

These wristbands can be made in blue or green, or even in black if the product targets the male population. Make them an inch thick too, so they would be more masculine. But what if the stuff is for women? Then go with yellow or pink. Undecided what color to use? Why not try a mix of two or more colors, or a swirl of a group of shades. It would be so eye-catching that it will get a second look. Viola! Promotion successful!

As mentioned earlier, these wristbands are available in many sizes and thickness. Giveaways for children? There are bracelets in extra small or toddler sizes (usually ¼-inch thick). For big men, go with the XL size of 1-inch thick.

But wait, there’s more! These silicon wristbands are not only customizable in color and size, but in terms of text design too. Any word, or even a logo, can be printed on these babies. The choices are simple screen printed, embossed, debossed and ink-filled prints.

The possibilities are just endless. There are so many choices to choose from. Should one become undecided or overwhelmed with choosing the design, there are free pre-designed templates to choose from too.

Now the question is, where does one buy them? Well, there are physical stores to go to but there are many online stores too; in fact, there are so many online suppliers that specialize in this product which are available at  the-wristband-factory.com.Everything is practically available online so there’s no hassle at all.

So at the end of the day, business owners are just left to dwell on the more important stuff because the promotion materials are already taken care of. Thanks to silicone wristbands.

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