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More and more companies are now resorting to search engine optimization (SEO) as part of their marketing strategies. In the bigger picture, the main goal is to increase the return on investment (ROI) by publicly promoting the products and services through websites and web links.

SEO has then become one of the most important tools in gaining and maintaining reputation, penetrating the minds of the target markets by increasing a website’s organic traffic, gaining advantage in competitive gamesmanship, and making way into the social media and its distribution.

SEO though, is just a component of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Both aim to maximize the number of visitors to a particular website which may be on-page or off-page. SEM however includes other components such as use of paid search (e.g. pay per click listings) and advertisements.

Link Building has now become a necessary skill in SEO.

It is a skill with a mixture of strategic on-page and off-page building of networks through web links. The main goal is to increase the number of visitors in the website using links tactically.

Link buildersLink builders focus on several aspects strategically to achieve the main goal of increasing the web traffic. For one, webmasters have to consider creating valuable content for the users. Naturally, the fastest way to increase the number of visitors is to create spam links. However, this is considered as short lived because search engines don’t tolerate these links and websites. Guest blogging and posting comments are also a way in doing link building. It does not require many technicalities and the only task you are to do is put that website address in the comments section of a blog post.

Link builders also use infographics – easy-to-understand visuals that give information to users. Directory submission is also a good way of link building as users are relying on them for options. Getting in directories gives you a one in “n” probability of getting your clients according to how they used keywords in search engines. Finally, one of the easiest and most popular ways to do link building is by distribution thru social media sharing. Of course on this part, one of the initial requirements is that you have a good network of connections in social media.

The good side of link building is that it will increase your visibility of website in search results. It will also give a website a good reputation. If everything goes out well, link building may soon lead you to good quality links, and once reciprocated, your website will be of high value. In addition, this skill helps your website in getting indexed in search results easily.

web trafficBasically, to increase the website visits means to intentionally affect the web traffic by networking. The other turnabout is the possibility of your website to get into traffic overload. It may be possible that your website gets visited for the good quality content; however, it’s possible that users just visit the website not aiming for the content or getting into the products and services offered. Simply, your website did not get into the mind of your target. Aside from that, as you monitor the number of visitors, your results might not necessarily provide you a good date on the predictability of interests of your target audience. You may lose the sense of link building itself.

Increasing your web ranks takes months or even years and it will incur you costs as you will need a webmaster to manage your link building until you reach that desired rank. In addition, you will need to maintain that rank so you may also want to consider that cost of maintaining the link building post.

Also, link building is risky as you may possibly lose sales due to reciprocal links. Since the strategy is to gain by giving, you have to return the favor. You need to mention the site. With that in mind, there is a high possibility of losing your own sales soon as the user finds the other web site to be better than yours.

Link building has become an important tool in promoting a website and its products and services. Nonetheless, if link building is executed strategically, one will achieve that goal of getting into the ranks. However, one should also consider the risks involved in using this as your way of selling your products and services through online marketing. To put it simply, it can bring you up or it can pull you down.

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